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Fire Damage Restoration in Las Vegas & Henderson

A fire can strike hard and fast, in any home or place of business. In the aftermath, anyone connected is left in chaos – emotionally and financially. Fortunately, after the fire is out, there are professionals trained to step into the wreckage to restore and rebuild.

We are trained and experienced in handling a number of emergency restoration projects, such as fire damage. Our firm is IICRC-certified, a qualifier of professional standards in our industry. Call in a professional team from Ready Flood Restoration, and you can feel confident that you will have a skilled group of clean-up and restoration experts working in your home or place of business very soon. We combine powerful cleaning products with leading edge technology and restoration techniques to give you quality results in a timely manner.

Don’t delay calling for help when you find water damage within your premises. Hesitation will only worsen the problem which usually leads to a more extensive and costly solution. Be assured our trained and licensed staff will work to safely and efficiently get your property back to a condition at least equal to its pre-damage quality.

Our combination of innovative technology, restoration techniques, and powerful cleaning products will give you quality results in a timely manner at your home or office located in Las VegasHendersonBlue DiamondNorth Las Vegas, and other cities throughout our service area. When you need our help, give us a call at 702-602-8884 or click here to make an appointment for one of our services today. We also serve the surrounding areas of Boulder City, Nellis AFB, Cal Nev Ari, The Lakes, and other communities that we serve throughout the Greater Las Vegas area.


If you live or do business in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, call 702-602-8884 for our 24/7 fire damage restoration services and we will send someone quickly to inspect your premises.

Fire Damage in Las Vegas

Fire Damage

Fire comes about when the specific ignition temperature of any fuel material – wood, fabrics, or other – is breached and oxygen molecules in the air interact with the molecules in the fuel. Noxious gases are released from the fire into the air in the form of smoke.

Fires are self-perpetuating. As one material burns it spreads to other components in a structure. Although heat is the most destructive product of a fire, smoke and its residue can have a corrosive effect on materials and sometimes – depending upon the material being burned, can be poisonous.

When a fire occurs, exterminating the fire it is the first priority of course so that it won’t to continue to spread to the entire structure and pass on to others. Water is usually the best fire suppressor, but it brings on more damage to be restored along with the possibility of attracting biohazards like molds.

Our restoration services extend to the full scope of damages inflicted by a fire, including clear out the residual vapors that are embedded in the surfaces of the surviving structure, and water damage brought on by the suppression process.

Inspection and Damage Assessment

When called to a property for fire damage repairs, we begin by assessing the extent of the damage to their structure and content caused by the fire and the material degradation brought on by the water. Also, we take into account the smoky odor and soot that must be removed. Before going forward with the process, we draw up a plan of action specific to your property’s needs then provide a feasible estimate of the restoration procedures.

Board-Up and Roof Tarping

Once we are approved to move forward with your project, we make sure your home or business is secured against further damage from outside, due to weather or vandalism. Protective barriers will be set up to inhibit access, and special tarps will cover the roof, allowing rain to flow harmlessly to the ground.

These extra measures are provided to protect customers and their property. A burned building becomes a prime target for break-ins as long as it remains unoccupied. The barriers also will help avoid injuries that might be suffered by intruders, which can lead to litigious complicaitions for the property owners.

Fire Damage Restoration

Salvaging of Contents and Demolition/Removal of Debris

Some articles may be salvageable after a fire. In a residence, a number of items have deep intrinsic value beyond the monetary – family photos, heirlooms, wedding dishes. Whatever can be preserved, will be set aside and restored to normal use. Unsalvageable contents will be transported away for regulatory disposal or destruction.

Essential the same procedures apply in a place of business. Every item is an integral part of your company’s productivity. Even if all of your assets are insured, the time lost to replace computers, furniture, and other fixtures is very valuable to your company when you’re trying to recover from a fire.

Water Removal and Drying

Water damage needs to be dealt with quickly with the right equipment and techniques. When organic components are exposed to excess moisture, this can create an environment where toxic molds or other biohazards can develop. Professional-grade equipment will be used to pump any standing water out of the premises. Then powerful fans and dehumidifiers will be used to remove all moisture and humidity.

At this point in the procedures we will use special cutting-edge technology to seek out any intrusive biohazards before they can become a serious problem. Utilizing hydrometers and other moisture detector, our team will find any hidden pockets of moisture inside walls or under flooring, where micro-organisms might hide for a long period of time. The affected areas are cleaned with powerful antimicrobials.

Cleaning of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

Creating a healthful environment is one of our primary goals. We want your property to return to an optimal quality at least equal to what it was before the fire. This entails cleaning out the pervading smoky odor and soot. Heat from the fire tends to embed molecules from the release vapors into the surfaces of walls, furniture, and counters. Just about anything that has survived the fire will need to be treated to remove this residue and its possible corrosive and/or toxic effects. Also, we use HEPA vacuuming as we clean air conditioning and heating units, removing airborne pollutants. Finally, any appliances, fixtures, carpets, floors and other surviving content are cleaned and restored to effective use.

nsurance Claims Process

Restoration in Las Vegas & Henderson

Ready Flood Restoration will carry the restoration work as far as you need us. We can restore portions of your home or business damaged by the fire itself, form reconstruction, right down to the final detailed finishing work. We would love to leave your property in pristine condition.

In the end, we will perform a last inspection of the premises to ensure everything has been addressed. Afterwards, all salvaged and restored content will be back into the premises and put in its proper place. Then, you will be given a walk-through to see the results of our restoration after it has been brought up to its optimal condition.

Support the Insurance Claims Process

As a final service, we will help mitigate the insurance claim process to help you get the optimum reimbursement for your restoration. We will work with your insurance provider to give copies of our documentation, detailing the fire damage and restoration procedures.

Trust Ready Flood Restoration for Experienced Professionals and Reliable Restoration

Since 2001, Ready Flood Restoration has worked a broad range of restoration projects, including fires, floods, black mold, and more. We’ve restored any number of commercial or residential buildings, handling all aspects of any restoration need. Give us a call anytime or contact us online. Someone will be available 24/7 to answer at 702-602-8884. Our certified technicians will be on-site in 60 minutes or less.

A devastating fire or other unforeseen emergencies can bring on tremendous stresses, and nobody needs that in their already busy life. We will work to keep the needs and satisfaction of our customers in the forefront. We want to leave your home or place of business with a clean and healthful environment.

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“...The professionals at Ready Flood Restoration came to my house at 2 AM. They were very thorough is the assessment of what was damaged and what could be dried out and restored.”

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