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Smoke and Odor Removal in Las Vegas & Henderson

Even a small fire from a faulty appliance can cause a great deal of trouble and expense. Aside from replacing the scorched appliance, its effects may stay for a time, like the lingering odor of burned plastics or other materials. At Ready Flood Restoration Smoke and Odor Removal we make it our job and are available to mitigate the removal of the pervasive, noxious (sometimes toxic) odors left over by a fire.

Fire and Cleaning Smoke Damage

Our trained and licensed staff will get your property back to its pre-damage condition. If you live or do business in Las Vegas or surrounding areas, call us at 702-602-8884. Someone will be on hand at Ready Flood Restoration Smoke and Odor Removal, 24/7, and we will send one of our people to you in 60 minutes or less. We pride ourselves on quality, efficiency, and a prompt response to your call. Our firm is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to remove the smoky odors and unsightly soot leftover after a fire.

Our combination of innovative technology, restoration techniques, and powerful cleaning products will give you quality results in a timely manner at your home or office in Las VegasHendersonBlue DiamondNorth Las Vegas, and other cities throughout our service area. When you need our help, give us a call at 702-602-8884 or click here to make an appointment for one of our services today in Boulder CityNellis AFBCal Nev AriThe Lakes, and other communities that we serve throughout the Greater Las Vegas area.

We are certified by the IICRC, a qualifier of professional standard in our industry, so you can feel confident that you will have a skilled group of cleanup and restoration experts working in your home or place of business very soon. Our combination of innovative restoration techniques and powerful cleaning products will give you quality results in a timely manner. Also, our restoration experts frequently upgrade their training and knowledge in the latest techniques and technology to ensure that we can always offer the best service in our industry.

If pervasive smoky odors or other obnoxious smells are interrupting your life, call Ready Flood Restoration Smoke and Odor Removal at 702-602-8884. Whether your property is residential or commercial, our procedures are guaranteed to restore its fresh and healthful atmosphere in a timely manner.

We can remediate the smoke and odor problem even in extreme conditions and in a variety of structures; single and multi-family housing, commercial property, and more. Whether the cause was a large structural blaze or a smaller fire, Ready Flood Restoration Smoke and Odor Removal experts are trained and experienced in dealing with the full scope of fire-related damages.

We approach each project as a little different from another. Each requires a plan of action revised to its specific needs. We begin with a general set of restoration guidelines that allows us to guarantee quality service to anyone. After examining the circumstances, the condition of your structure and possessions then determine what must be done to remove the smoke and odor. The general plan is amended to the needs of your circumstances of your structure and possessions.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire starts whenever the level of heat breaches the specific ignition temperature of any type of fuel – wood, fabric or other material. Volatile gases are released in the form of smoke. These gases, whether from a small contained fire or a large structural fire, will permeate the air within a structure and become embedded in the walls, ceiling and any contents that survive the blaze.

Heat is the most noticeable and destructive product of a fire. However, another hazard is the residual vapors it leaves behind which can have their own corrosive elements and should be remediated right away by experienced professionals. Left untreated their lingering effects can erode surfaces, electronics, fabrics, and building materials, resulting in more extensive damage to your property.

Inspection and Damage Assessment:

We begin our smoke and odor removal procedures with an assessment of the structure and contents affect by the fire.

  • First, we assess the premises and its contents to determine what kind of residual gases are embedded in the surfaces.
  • Our team will then draw up a removal and restoration and present it to you with a feasible estimate.
  • Our people will take photographs of the affected areas and items and keep notes, detailing the procedures needed to remove the damaging soot and smoky odor from your premises and to restore its contents.
  • All of this information will be kept secure to serve as documentation for your insurance provider when the work is completed.

Cleaning Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

All surfaces in the affected areas are treated with powerful regulation-approved detergents and sanitizer developed to dissolve smoky residue and ensure a healthful environment before anyone returns to re-occupy the property.

Then, using HEPA vacuuming, air conditioning and heating units are cleaned of all soot and noxious and smoky residue. Our primary goal is to return you to a healthy environment at least equal to what you had before the fire. Finally, any salvageable appliances, fixtures, carpets, floors and other surviving contents are thoroughly cleaned and restored to effective use.

Salvaging of Contents and Demolition/Removal of Debris

You may have the contents of the premises insured, especially in a place of business. Still all the furnishings, fixtures, and appliances represent more than a simple dollar value. We will do all we can to restore as many items as possible whether business assets or personal items.

Most things in a business environment are an integral part of that company’s productivity. Replacements may take time. At home, many items have an emotional value and some are irreplaceable – heirlooms, family photos, wedding china. We treat each item as important and restore what we can to its former use. Anything that is unsalvageable will be set aside then transported later for appropriate disposal or destruction.

Support the Insurance Claims Process

The final step after the smoke and odor is removed, will be helping to mitigate the insurance claim process with your provider. Even if your insurance agent is understanding and willing to help, the paperwork involved makes it a long drawn out process. We work directly with insurance companies to ease the procedures some and help you secure a fair compensation according to the terms of your policy. Your provider will be given all our photos and notations pertaining to our remediation procedures.

Ready Flood Restoration Smoke and Odor Removal can help with any fire-related restoration work. If you need expert service to remove the residual smoke and soot from a fire, contact our firm at 702-602-8884 right away. Our professional team of fire restoration and smoke damage experts will get your property back to its safe and healthful condition.

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